Wireless Balloons

 Cellular Phone Balloons  in all shapes, sizes and colors 
Some designs are copyrighted and only available to copyright owner.
Photos on our website are not an offer for sale.

These products will increase walk-in business dramatically and increase your business!  Imagine a dancing cell phone inflatable directing people into your store.

Dancing Cell Phones
Special only $995.00
Pricing includes: High-Power Blower

   dancer-nexteli88-2.jpg (57785 bytes)       
Nextel Designs 10 foot Dancing Nokia 8200

  dancer-cell-teen-102203.jpg (18065 bytes)   
dancercellphonered8200alltel.jpg (65326 bytes) dancer-cell-rednokianewstyle1.jpg (61070 bytes) dancer-cell-rwb-103003.jpg (54771 bytes)
dancingcellsonydirect.jpg (67441 bytes)
To see other Tube Dancer™ designs - CLICK HERE
dancer-sprint.jpg (261986 bytes) arrow-freephones.jpg (34798 bytes) dancer-cingular-dude-8-25-03.JPG (42088 bytes)

Cold Air Cell Phones 
10ft $1695.00, 15ft  $2295.00, 20ft  $2795.00

  cellphone-metro-102303.jpg (56440 bytes) nokia-2003-grey.jpg (46384 bytes) nokia_3300-rcwirless.jpg (26465 bytes) nokia-7210-7-23-03.jpg (41466 bytes) nokia 3595-red-t-mobile-10-14-03.jpg (47319 bytes) nokia-24ft-110603.jpg (44923 bytes) nokia 8200 photo.jpg (54449 bytes) nokia8200red15ft.jpg (66571 bytes)    
Nokia phones 
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15ftnexteli55pronto.jpg (47034 bytes) nexteli730-111103.jpg (31507 bytes) nexteli730back-111103.jpg (38525 bytes) nextel-i730-group-111203.jpg (84368 bytes) nextel-i730-texas-111303.jpg (48292 bytes) nextel-i55cellularmall.jpg (31413 bytes)nexteli95-multicolor-free.jpg (42434 bytes) nextel-i95-multi-8-13-03.jpg (43554 bytes) nexteli95cl-10ft.jpg (25090 bytes) Nextel i85.jpg (35153 bytes) nexteli700yellow10.jpg (54268 bytes) cellphn2.jpg (7249 bytes)
Nextel Models
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20ft and 12ft Sony Phones


samsungv205leaningonwall.jpg (38964 bytes)samsung-nextel-110603.jpg (40002 bytes) samsungback-110603.jpg (29675 bytes) samsung205-10ft-8-18-03.jpg (13587 bytes)  
samsung205-10ft-back-8-18-03.jpg (33147 bytes)
samsung-blank-9-10-03.jpg (38109 bytes) samsung-rainbow1.JPG (49582 bytes) samsung-rainbow2.JPG (53955 bytes)
Samsung Phones
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     audiovox4500red.jpg (16893 bytes) 
Audiovox Designs
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motorola72010ft.jpg (30273 bytes) cellphon.jpg (8542 bytes)
Motorola Designs
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Custom Shapes

cellphoneinhand.jpg (35030 bytes)

medical.jpg (75392 bytes)

compaq-ipaq.jpg (37057 bytes)

15ft Cellphone in Hand
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10 foot Pocket PC Phone
Digitally Printed Artwork
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5½ft Medical Device
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20 foot Verizon Wireless Arch
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10 foot Pocket PC
Digitally Printed Artwork
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cingular shop.jpg (40425 bytes) cingular8ft.jpg (52837 bytes) 
15 foot & 8 foot Cingular Wireless Balloons
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cingularnew8ft.jpg (67008 bytes) cingularnew8ftalmost.jpg (84367 bytes) cingularnew8ftfolded.jpg (51228 bytes)
8ft Cingular Balloon with built-in Carry Case and hard bottom stand.


directtvwithlogo.jpg (47833 bytes)

phonemanz.JPG (6536 bytes) gorillanew16ftwcellularphone.jpg (33201 bytes)

TV Satellite Dish
Used for tradeshows

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12ft tall 
Cell Phone Man

16 foot Gorilla holding cellular phone in hand
Banner still fits between hands and another on the chest.


billboard2.jpg (16962 bytes) voicestream-1.jpg (62443 bytes) voicestream-2.jpg (25645 bytes)
90 foot long by 33 foot tall inflatable Billboard
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Above & beyond specializes in producing your product into a giant inflatable balloon. Our shop is located between Los Angeles and San Diego, California, USA. We have been manufacturing balloons since 1991 and use only the finest quality fabrics, fans and sewing equipment. We want to give you a quote on your own custom balloon. No project is too small or too big. We specialize in quick delivery times so that you can fly your balloon at your next event. Some custom balloons are kept in stock and can be shipped same day. Most custom orders are shipped in 3-6 weeks!


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