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Usually the best way to know a company is by what their customers have to say.  
Well, here are some comments from our customers.

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Thank you very much for all of your help.  It is obvious that your hard work & dedication to perfection are major contributors to your company's success.

I will happily recommend Above & Beyond to anyone that may need your help for any advertising needs.

Thanks again,

Jack Gardner & Members of the Pi Kappa Alpha @ Colorado State University

Note from customer when returned for repair:

I'm being returned for re-stitching.  My vinyl skirt has stretched and no longer fits snuggly (black electrical tape residue indicates that my owners tried to keep me from blowing off and it worked for awhile.)

Let me tell you just how much attention I drew!  I could be seen from miles in either direction and I brought people in.

Thank you in advance,
Arrow Dude Ken

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Thank you so very much for the incredible work you did to make our lawnmower tractor inflatable.  It was the hit of our event, attracting more attention than any other promotion we have done at a trade show.  I can't believe that you were able to make such incredible detail from only a few photos.

Sales Manager
Yard Man

Hi, I'm Rich Longendyke from the Kingston Professional Fire Fighters Assoc.  You recently made us a 17' blimp.  You did a wonderful job!!!  This past week our Local Union hosted the annual New York State Fire Fighters Convention, at which our blimp was proudly displayed day and night.  We received nothing but high praise for the job you did for us.  A number of other Locals requested information about your company.  I gave them your web address.  Hopefully we will be seeing more of your products at other State Fire Fighter functions.
Thanks again,
P.S. Check out our web-site to see a little something extra we did with our blimp.

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As a health and fitness club manager we have tried just about every promotion you could think of but the first day we used our new gorilla traffic increased by 8 to 10 times normal.  Nothing has brought in as much business as this promotion.  The sales people beg me to put him back up whenever we take him down.

Escondido Athletic Club

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We tried to make a Big Foot inflatable through another inflatable company and the results were horrible.  We never planned to try this again but with the help of Above & Beyond our new Big Foots are exactly what we wanted and I couldn't believe an order of 15 units took less than 4 weeks to manufacture.  Thank you for all of your help.

Promotions Manager
Big O Tires 

I just wanted to thank you for having the Metrolink balloon produced in such a short time frame and for having it ready at the Tustin Station opening back on 1/18. Everyone, especially the people at Metrolink, were really impressed and happy with the balloon.

As we discussed, they are still interested in putting the web site address on the bottom of the balloon. I plan on sending you that graphic sometime this week.

Again, thanks for all your help and for helping to make the station opening event a success.


The balloon looks great!  Please have any potential customers call me for a reference. 

John Graybill
Director of Sales/Special Markets
Escalade Sports

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That LIGHT BULB was a SUCCESS!  The people here went nuts! and again, it's all for a very worthy cause of raising money to complete our project for IDEA (Innovative Directions- an Educational Alliance) of raising the Maritime Science Center at PS 175 (the public school on City Island).  So to you, I just want to say THANK YOU for helping us out.  The inflation went without a problem.....

THANKS AGAIN for making this past parade a HIT! 

Larry Alfrey


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