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statue-redtag.jpg (45221 bytes) nationalshed.jpg (23741 bytes) apartmentbuilding.jpg (51435 bytes)
 20 foot Statue of Liberty 12ft Storage Shed
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15 Foot Apartment Building


pyramid.jpg (18728 bytes)

carpetbarn-8-25-03.JPG (107884 bytes) aarons.jpg (50115 bytes)

18 foot Pyramid
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12 foot Barn with logo
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25ft Storefront Replica
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ucla1.jpg (45301 bytes)ucla3.jpg (42951 bytes)

outhouse.jpg (30356 bytes)

15 foot tall Hospital Building
used for special opening of new building.
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7 foot tall Outhouses
Digitally Painted Artwork

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venus-8-19-03.jpg (41479 bytes)

Stadium_arch inflatable - pic1.jpg (26005 bytes)

12ft Venus de Milo replica
(can you tell who's face is on it?)

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25 foot Eiffel Tower
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photos of this balloon

Entrance to walkthrough
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