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Digital Printed Artwork before sewing

15 ft Cup of Noodles


johnnypotato.jpg (58231 bytes)

dairyqueen.jpg (11835 bytes)

8 foot tall Potato Man  Two sided
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15 foot Ice Cream Cone
Click Photo for larger image

12 foot Ice Cream Cone
Click Photo for larger image


pizza-8ft.jpg (85755 bytes)

sandwich15ftlong.jpg (38396 bytes)

10ft Pizza
Click Photo to enlarge

15 foot wide Sandwich 
with banner area at bottom

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 birthdaycakeaugust.jpg (61568 bytes) birthdaycake-bettendorf.jpg (32100 bytes)

custombdaycake.jpg (5645 bytes)

25ft tall Bread Bag (actual bag on right photo)
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12ft Birthday Cakes
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15ft Birthday Cake
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strawberry10ft.jpg (31987 bytes)

peanut.jpg (46632 bytes)

heliumwatermelon1.jpg (47457 bytes)heliumwatermelon.jpg (48693 bytes)

10ft Flying Strawberry
Click Photo to enlarge

10 foot Peanut for Tradeshow Booth 

11 ft Watermelon 


blizzard1.jpg (48460 bytes)

berry1.jpg (49555 bytes) berry2.jpg (38909 bytes)

11ft Blizzard Cup - Served Upsidedown 

10ft Raspberry and Blueberry 


icecream.jpg (62871 bytes)

heliumpotato.jpg (29001 bytes)

20 Foot Ice Cream Cone 
 Click photo for larger image

12ft Potato
 Click photo for larger image


30ft Helium Flying Hot Dog
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