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Household Items


crackpipe1.jpg (56904 bytes)

20ft Diamond Ring around Globe
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9ft tall Water Pipe
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promolux1.jpg (12269 bytes)

zippy.jpg (51471 bytes)

couchblue-eddie.jpg (32375 bytes)

nutropin1.jpg (51011 bytes)

12 foot Florescent Light Bulb with internal lighting
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9 foot Light Bulb Characters
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20ft wide Couch
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8 Foot tall replicas of Injection System


toiletphoto.jpg (36993 bytes) toilet-111103.jpg (43357 bytes)

couch.jpg (34621 bytes)

battery.jpg (47712 bytes)

15 foot Toilet
Banner area around tank

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15 foot wide Couch
Banner area at front

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20 foot tall battery
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From this CD cover to this 40 foot balloon
(been on tour all over the world)
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"The Korn balloon turned out awesome!  It is now a permanent fixture on the Korn World Tour."  Road Manager for Korn Music Group

goodvibes.jpg (35681 bytes)

moneybag.jpg (38649 bytes)moneybagmoney.jpg (36081 bytes)

10 Foot Back Massager with logos

15 foot Money Bag
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eircom.jpg (24004 bytes)

zocalo.jpg (47084 bytes) Zocalo23.jpg (20950 bytes) Zocalo53.jpg (11118 bytes) Zocalo63.jpg (21218 bytes)

13 foot Inflatable Phone Handset 

34 foot Dresser
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stopwatch.jpg (14986 bytes)

lightbulb_idea.jpg (18456 bytes)   lightbulbyellow.jpg (17560 bytes)

12 foot Stopwatch 

12 foot Light bulbs used for parades


DVD & Books
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sofa.jpg (43543 bytes)

doveshampoo1.jpg (13770 bytes)

dice.jpg (34305 bytes)

20 foot Couch Balloon
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30ft Dove Shampoo Bottle

10 foot Dice 
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