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Cold-Air Ground or Rooftop Styles

cheerleader.jpg (32933 bytes) reichhold.jpg (54599 bytes) cingulargroup.jpg (141228 bytes)
15 foot Cheerleader
For sports radio station
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15 foot Company Logo

Volume Production
8 & 15 foot Cingular "Jack" balloons
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"Our new cheerleader is great!  She attracts more attention then we ever expected.  We will be using her at all the radio remotes we do"  The Zone Sports Radio - Texas

nbxphoto.jpg (52754 bytes)

nebxbuilding2.jpg (37713 bytes)
nbxbuilding1.jpg (40313 bytes)

20 foot by 40 foot logo on base
Two sided artwork

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Photos of balloons in use
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aol-guy-9-30-03.jpg (50529 bytes) aol-guy-end-9-30-03.jpg (42849 bytes)

country legends.jpg (49793 bytes)

AOL Guy - Two sided
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Radio Station Logos on Custom Pillar
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siriusdog3.jpg (35613 bytes) billboard2.jpg (16962 bytes)
15 Foot Company Dog Logo on Base 90 foot long by 33 foot tall inflatable Billboard
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i10toyota-9-10-03.jpg (43002 bytes)

i10toyotainuse-9-11-03.jpg (60963 bytes) i10toyotaroof.jpg (62195 bytes)

20ft tall Company Logo
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kvetlogo.jpg (39558 bytes) discoballjammin1059.jpg (68558 bytes) thebeat-951.jpg (98765 bytes)

kissfmcoldairball.jpg (66706 bytes)

q97rodeo1.jpg (86170 bytes) q97fm.jpg (34527 bytes)

Radio Station Logos
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moneymanagement1.jpg (63083 bytes) moneymanagement2.jpg (27079 bytes) daphines.jpg (71073 bytes)

sealed-noodles.jpg (36824 bytes)

pricoldair.jpg (64287 bytes) daphinesinuse.jpg (71913 bytes)

Company Logos make into giant inflatables
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mercedes2.jpg (18874 bytes) sketchers1.jpg (30847 bytes) sketchers2.jpg (26894 bytes)

20ft tall Mercedes Logo
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30ft tall Sketchers Logo
(notice detail of tread on shoes)
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extreme-fitness.jpg (52419 bytes) gutter1.jpg (101471 bytes) storkcar.jpg (25550 bytes) linkpoint.jpg (58178 bytes)
10ft Company Logo for fitness company
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10ft Company Logo (see detail of face)
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25 foot Company Logo for rooftop
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15ft Credit Card machine with logo
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wrongislandtrain.jpg (45607 bytes)
20 foot Rum Barrel
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18 foot Train
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20 foot Verizon Wireless Arch
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dairyqueen.jpg (11835 bytes) mantis.jpg (38391 bytes) ramhead-122303.jpg (28323 bytes)
15 foot Ice Cream Cone
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15 foot tall Praying Mantis logo balloon
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15 foot Dodge Ram Head with Bumpy Horns
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"The Mantis replica balloon was great at our event.  Sales are up and we would recommend your services to other companies that need visibility at events."  Mantis Paintball Co. - Michigan  

dodgeramhead.jpg (23405 bytes)

togosballoon.jpg (49909 bytes) footballhelmet1.jpg (48981 bytes)

15 foot Dodge Ram Head
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Hot Air Shape with Logo
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12 foot Football Helmet Run thru
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"The football entryway was a big success.  The first time we used it was for the big homecoming game and the fans went crazy"  Fightin Farmers Football - Louisianna

bigfoot_photo1.jpg (33743 bytes)

bigfootgroup1.jpg (51230 bytes) compaq-ipaq.jpg (37057 bytes)

10 foot tall Big Foot
holding tire & wheel

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Volume Production
10 & 20 foot Big Foot  balloons
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10 foot Pocket PC
Digitally Printed Artwork
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"The Bigfoot balloons are great.  We had another company make one for us originally but were not satisfied.  Your realism and fast delivery is unmatched.  We are now offering them to all our dealers!"  Marketing Director - Big O Tires

skydivertilt.jpg (61322 bytes)

edwinaphoto.jpg (50463 bytes) zippy.jpg (51471 bytes)

10 foot tall Skydiver on software box
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10 foot tall Character on base
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9 foot Light Bulb Characters
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outhouse.jpg (30356 bytes)

johnnypotato.jpg (58231 bytes) mermaid.jpg (15565 bytes)

7 foot tall Outhouses
Digitally Painted Artwork

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8 foot tall Potato Man  Two sided
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20 foot tall Mermaid 
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armadillo_photo.jpg (16304 bytes)

goldnplump15foot.jpg (50585 bytes)roosterred.jpg (44592 bytes)

25 foot tall Armadillo
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15 foot tall Chickens/Rooster
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"The Armadillo is tough.  We used it to sponsor a car race and one of the cars skidded off the track and into the balloon.  At first we thought it was ruined but to our surprise we had it re-inflated in a short time.  Looking forward to using him at many more events!"  Texas Roadhouse - Texas


goodvibes.jpg (35681 bytes) jeansback.jpg (40429 bytes)jeansfront.jpg (40949 bytes)
10 Foot Back Massager with logos

20 foot Pair of Jeans
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sam goody photo.jpg (27245 bytes) goalrillashop.jpg (30975 bytes)
Balloon was made 
from this logo

15 foot tall Exclamation Point
with clear material between
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16 foot Goalrilla to match company logo
Designed to stand next to portable 
basketball backboard system
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"You guys really captured the essence of our logo with great realism.  Thanks!" Marketing Manager - Escalade Sports

westcoastchoppers.jpg (68570 bytes)

25 foot Eiffel Tower
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photos of this balloon

20 foot Logo Inflatable
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10 foot tall backdrop with three dimensional bear
Backside painted with logo also


Dent_Wiz_Photo.jpg (26727 bytes)
 20 & 15 foot Wizard Balloons
Click photo for larger image
12ft Dog Logo made into 3D Logo
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Portable Billboard  (15' X 15')
Digital Computer Painted Artwork

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customeurocard.jpg (7134 bytes) quickquack.jpg (40701 bytes) promolux1.jpg (12269 bytes)
12 foot wide Gold Credit Card 20 foot Duck with Sunglasses
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12 foot Florescent Light Bulb with internal lighting
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margarita1.jpg (71602 bytes) sabrine1.jpg (25541 bytes)sabrine2.jpg (29073 bytes) revup.jpg (38745 bytes) hillsbros.jpg (54389 bytes)
15 foot Margarita Cup
Digital Painted Artwork
Click photo for larger image
20 foot Water Bottles
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20 foot Sports Drink
Click Photo for larger image
10 foot Coffee Can
Digital Painted Artwork

Click photo for larger image

"We were really happy with the quality of our inflatable for our BIG Margarita promotion.  We will be using it everyday on the Las Vegas strip." Westward Ho Casino

bluelightbottle.jpg (31217 bytes)

bluelightcan.jpg (51981 bytes) gupphoto.jpg (16211 bytes) redstripe.jpg (28613 bytes)

20 foot Beer Bottle
Hand Airbrushed Artwork

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20 foot Beer Can
Hand Airbrushed Artwork
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8 foot Energy Drink Can
Digitally Painted Artwork

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20 foot Beer Bottle
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asahi bottle.jpg (44332 bytes)sublime.jpg (123073 bytes) asahievent.jpg (65661 bytes)
12 foot Beer Bottle & Clear Bottle
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15 foot Beer Can
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elephantshop25ft.jpg (27121 bytes) 

From this handheld sculpture to this
20 foot Elephant Balloon -
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From this CD cover to this 40 foot balloon
(been on tour all over the world)
Click Here to see balloon in use at concert

"The Korn balloon turned out awesome!  It is now a permanent fixture on the Korn World Tour."  Road Manager for Korn Music Group

13 foot tall Cup Ramon Balloon with full-color digital painting


coffeecups radvision.jpg (47081 bytes)

baseballcap.jpg (34149 bytes)

directtvwithlogo.jpg (47833 bytes)

Inflatable Coffee cups to hang above tradeshow booth
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16 foot  baseball cap for hanging above tradeshow booth
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TV Satellite Dish
Used for tradeshows

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brushweiser.jpg (26331 bytes)
8 foot tall Sunflower Logo Custom Helium York Logo Inflatable Logo Tradeshow Booth


guitar2z.JPG (6221 bytes) guitarz.JPG (6698 bytes)
 Dolphin (Hand Airbrushed Artwork) 20ft Guitar Stalk 20ft Guitar Stalk

 Custom Banners & Balloon Artwork
This shows the quality of the digital painting process 
(which is the real hand?) 
CLICK HERE for Banner Pricing


customapple.jpg (10636 bytes) thermoz.JPG (4736 bytes) billbordz.JPG (8766 bytes)
10 foot Helium Apple  25 foot Thermometer 12 foot billboard

16ft Cup with Logo 6ft Product Replica with Logos 10ft Cup with Logo


10ft Car Wash Logo 15ft Inflatable Billboard
Can be digitally Printed with any LOGO

20ft Inflatable Billboard with Radio Station Logos 10ft Box with digitally printed logos 8ft Cingular Logos

Custom Helium Flying Styles

peanut.jpg (46632 bytes)

todayvision2.jpg (42311 bytes)
todayvision4.jpg (32376 bytes)

10 foot Peanut for Tradeshow Booth 

Custom Helium Digitally Printed Eyeball with Logos

15ft Inflatable Billboard
Can be digitally Printed with any LOGO


tradeshowqmatic1.jpg (61763 bytes)

q-matic.jpg (34965 bytes)

9 foot Logo Inflatable for  Tradeshow Booth 


heliumormandy.jpg (51672 bytes)

heliumpyramidmm2.jpg (46313 bytes)

heliumpyramidblack-white.jpg (53446 bytes)
heliumpyramidmm1.jpg (48145 bytes)
10ft Helium FLying Custom Logo

9 foot Flying Helium Pyramid has 4 sides for logos that face down toward crowd.  Great for tradeshows or events.


heliumhtccarsigns.jpg (53239 bytes) lightbulbinnovation.jpg (37685 bytes)
10ft Tradeshow Sign 10ft Lightbulb


Catalina Cylinders.jpg (275565 bytes)

satellite high.jpg (261556 bytes)

 12 foot Scuba Tank for tradeshow booth 
 Click photo for larger image 

 8 foot Satellite to hang in tradeshow booth 
 Click photo for larger image 


Image001.jpg (10622 bytes)

Image007.jpg (34039 bytes)

10 foot Logo Balloon
 Click photo for larger image 

14 foot Flying Sign 
 Click photo for larger image 


10 foot Logo Balloon
 Click photo for larger image 

12ft Tradeshow Flying Helium Sign

14 foot Flying Sign 
 Click photo for larger image 


10ftkissfm979.jpg (66059 bytes)10ftmillerlitelogo.jpg (56741 bytes)8ftattwireless.jpg (3986 bytes)
Stock Helium Designs with Logos - CLICK HERE for Info & Pricing 


Inflatable Costume Styles

 Inflatable Costumes - CLICK HERE for info 


 Dancing Balloon Styles

dancer12ftarrowprinceton.jpg (50227 bytes) dancerlogodudewestcoastfitness.jpg (61795 bytes)
Dancing Balloons - CLICK HERE for info 

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